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August 8, 2015  

Part 1 of a two part impromptu conversation between Erik and Christa concerning recent events in the pro wrestling world. 


This week's monster of an episode has three parts. In the first we take a look some news and stories that caught our eye. The bulk of this episode however is based on the recent controversies involving the depictions of trans-gendered individuals in Justice League 3001 and Airboy #2. We end the episode with a look at four recent pro-wrestling events.

Topics include; Grant Morrison as the new editor of Heavy Metal. The upcoming Uncharted movie (maybe). The C.U.J.O remake? Farscape the show and recently announced movie. Daniel Bryan's future in the WWE. Calling out culture. The return of Nexus (comic book). First Comics. The Wonder Woman costume change. Bryan Konietzko's Threadworlds. Guy Gardner the best character DC has. "Gal Gardner" Warrior. Airboy. James Robinson. WWE Beast in the East. ROH Best in the World. TNA Slammeversary. NJPW Dominion.

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On this second installment of this series, Erik and Christa look at WCW Nitro and WWF Raw from January 8, 1996. Discussions include; What the hell is Jeff Jarrett wearing? Goldust and gender politics part 2. And the Hulk Hogan no sells continue!

June 20, 2015  

In this first installment of this series your hosts take a look at WCW Nitro and WWF Raw for the date of January 1, 1996.  Highlights include an introduction into the dulcet tones of Lex Luger vocalizations and the gender politics of Goldust.