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On our latest episode we sit down to discuss narrative structure in video games like Wolfenstein The New Order, Assassin's Creed and Bioshock. Comic discussion on Babyteeth, Man-thing and more. The recent announcement of Ron Howard directing a Star Wars movie. Auteur filmmaking in a blockbuster context. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. And we finish on the glory that is the Wonder Woman movie. 


 After an extended hiatus "Truman" and "Nancy" join forces once again! It's season 2 of the Bloodbath2 Podcast! We start with a brief re-introduction to the podcast which includes some tangents which almost immediately threaten to derail the show. Then settle in for an in-depth look at all of the Marvel Netflix shows including all the technical, canonical, and cultural problems they present. 

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August 23, 2016  

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In defense of Tom King's Batman
Random wrestling stuff
RIP James Woolley, Kenny Baker and Jerry Doyle
The movies of Terry Gilliam
"Drinking Kanar with Damar" musings on Star Trek
Stranger Things
DC Rebirth messes 
June 6, 2016  

Heavy Spoilers this week as the BB2P crew tries to wrap it's collective mind around DC's latest attempt to fix continuity errors and odd editorial choices by making other continuity errors and odd editorial choices.

Issues covered in this episode; DC Universe Rebirth, Superman Rebirth, Batman Rebirth, Green Lanterns Rebirth, Green Arrow Rebirth

BONUS; a brief look at Future Quest #1 and Scooby Apocalypse #1 

We will be taking an overall look at the entire first month of DC Rebirth in the first week of July once the sales numbers are out. 

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Darwyn Cooke and the New Era of Heroism 
Captain America outrage
First Comics and a primer on Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion saga.
The Final Programme (book)

The Bloodbath crew sits down to review Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette's Wonder Woman Earth One and to discuss the recent controversy over at the Antioch Review. But in addition to that we get into a very long, detailed and heated discussion on feminism, diversity, racism, oppression, gender politics, transphobia, queer culture and the methods of discourse found in relation to these topics. 


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Comics; dealing with change
Comics; DC Rebirth
RIP; Merle Haggard, Blackjack Mulligan, Balls Mahoney
Book; History of the Tenderloin
Books; Speculative Fiction 1955-1966 
Shirley Jackson; The Haunting of Hill House
JG Ballard; The Crystal World
Where is the cutting edge?
Comics; Daniel Clowes's Eightball and Like A Velvet Glove
Who's going to the movies?
Trailer; Godzilla Resurgence 
Axl Rose is doing what?
TV Season finales; Colony, The Magicians, The Walking Dead
TV Season premiers; fearthe walking dead, Hunters, Wynonna Earp


Do you bleed? Well, our eyes did. 


We're back! Are you confused and intimidated by the overwhelming amount of genre fiction adaptations in television? We certainly are. And this podcast will only make it worse.

But first we spend some time talking about Fallout 4, Wolfenstein The New Order and Shadow of Mordor. Then some listener feedback and show announcements. 
November 18, 2015  

Erik's weekend movie misadventure. Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm. Billy Gunn and our hypocrisy about steroid use. Ridley Scott seems just as confused about his new Alien movie as we are. Picks of the Week for DC, Marvel, Image and indie books. For those interested in just the comic picks skip to 1:05:00


We start with a tribute to the late Gunnar Hansen, the actor who first played Leatherface and a cultural look at the paradigm shift with 1970s horror films. We then take a look at the comic book releases for 11/4/2015 and talk about our first "Picks of the Week" for DC, Marvel, Image and the indies.


We start with tributes to musician John Murphy (1959 - 2015) and artist Murphy Anderson (1926 - 2015)

The Bloodbath crew then takes a look at the status quo of various tv shows; Walking Dead, The Flash, Gotham, Heroes Reborn, Doctor Who and Arrow. 
October 2, 2015  

Topics; The future of the Bloodbath2 Podcast. A personal take on the NASA announcement of water found on Mars. Reviews on the season premiers of Agents of Shield and Gotham. Brief look at Fear the Walking Dead and a review of Insidious Chapter 3. 

September 5, 2015  

For our 10th episode we step away from our usual topics to look at Michael Mann's third film, the original adaptation of Thomas Harris's Red Dragon novel. We primarily focus on the visual symbolism and the subtexts of masculinity and dualism. 


The first in a planned mega multi-part series from the bloodbath crew. In this first installment, Erik takes us on a trip around the early days of the DC multiverse by looking at the early publishing history of DC comics and how creative and societal pressures influenced the growing canon of what would become the DC Multiverse. We meet early comic book pioneers within DC comics like Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, Harry Donnenfeld and Julius Schwartz. We examine the tradition of alternate dimension story telling in science fiction and fantasy literature going back to early shamanic religious stories. And we take a little side excursion into the real world science of quantum physics. 


The Bloodbath crew speculates heavily on the upcoming movies Superman V Batman; Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. As usual we have tangents galore including Wonder Woman publishing history, The Hiketea (WW story), A League of One (WW story), Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Rucka's run on Detective Comics, Big Barda and Scott Free as examples of gender reversal, violence in comics, Slam Bradley, JM DeMatteis's run on The Spectre, Superheros as enforcers of the Industrial/Military Complex status quo and MORE!

August 8, 2015  

Part 1 of a two part impromptu conversation between Erik and Christa concerning recent events in the pro wrestling world. 


This week's monster of an episode has three parts. In the first we take a look some news and stories that caught our eye. The bulk of this episode however is based on the recent controversies involving the depictions of trans-gendered individuals in Justice League 3001 and Airboy #2. We end the episode with a look at four recent pro-wrestling events.

Topics include; Grant Morrison as the new editor of Heavy Metal. The upcoming Uncharted movie (maybe). The C.U.J.O remake? Farscape the show and recently announced movie. Daniel Bryan's future in the WWE. Calling out culture. The return of Nexus (comic book). First Comics. The Wonder Woman costume change. Bryan Konietzko's Threadworlds. Guy Gardner the best character DC has. "Gal Gardner" Warrior. Airboy. James Robinson. WWE Beast in the East. ROH Best in the World. TNA Slammeversary. NJPW Dominion.

relevant links;

On this second installment of this series, Erik and Christa look at WCW Nitro and WWF Raw from January 8, 1996. Discussions include; What the hell is Jeff Jarrett wearing? Goldust and gender politics part 2. And the Hulk Hogan no sells continue!


Christa and Erik take a look at upcoming video game releases from the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo. At first we thought this was going to just be a fun romp through video game land but we end up having several of the angriest rants so far on this podcast. You can thank Ubisoft, Disney and Nintendo for that. 


What starts as a simple premise; talking about some current news stories around comics, fandom, tv, video games and movies turns ugly when it seems like all the stories picked causes Christa to go into a rage spiral. Topics discussed include the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Actor Jerry Doyle's recent tragedy in Germany. The Dawn of Justice plot synopsis. Announcements from Warner Bros regarding the DC film franchises. The little college student who cried "pornography!" The Stand and Dark Tower adaptations. Later on we discuss Stephen King. Batman Vs Daredevil. Why you can't be Batman. The plague of "realism" in comics and related media. 

June 20, 2015  

In this first installment of this series your hosts take a look at WCW Nitro and WWF Raw for the date of January 1, 1996.  Highlights include an introduction into the dulcet tones of Lex Luger vocalizations and the gender politics of Goldust.


In this first episode, Erik and Christa discuss their histories with genre fiction, comic books, video games and pro wrestling. The episode concludes with previews of some upcoming shows.